How to install SQLite3

The default database for development in Rails is SQLite3, which I personally think is great. Any Ruby developer (using Windows or any other OS) should have SQLite installed on their development environments. It only takes a minute.

Install SQLite3 on Windows

  1. Go to SQLite3 download page, “Precompiled Binaries For Windows” section;
  2. Download “sqlite-shell” and “sqlite-dll” archive files;
  3. Unpack them in C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder (or any other that is in your PATH);
  4. Install the sqlite3 Ruby gem.

Install SQLite3 on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Install the sqlite3 and libsqlite3-dev packages;
  2. Install the sqlite3 gem.

Install SQLite3 on Mac OS X

On Mac OS Leopard or later, you don’t have to! It comes pre-installed. You can upgrade it, if you absolutely need to, with Homebrew.