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The antidote for madness

In the age of social media and extreme economic and political pressures, a person's “research” can end up in wild places.

Living in fear

We tend to ridicule people living in fear mostly to mask our own.

Empty Words

Proposal: it should not matter what a person says, or what their intention is. It matters only what they do and how their actions affect other people.


Identity needs validation to thrive. So why do we selectively withold it from certain people?

Acknowledging racism

We can reveal systemic issues if we do work to connect the dots between seemingly isolated incidents.

The Pursuit of Truth

On facts versus belief, and the one universal Truth.

The Dangers of Social Media

Our attention has become the most valuable currency of the digital era and, like most finite resources that man ever came across, this one is also recklessly mined and traded without much regard for ethics or sustainability.

Getting our needs met

There are no “monogamous” or “non-monogamous” people. It’s not an innately defined character trait that you either have or do not have. The distinction between those relationship arrangements comes not from personalities, but based on how we define responsibility for one’s own emotions and how we practically deal with and minimize risk of trauma.

On Politics and Nature

Present-era politics are fascinating because the left-right spectrum seems to be a reflection of human reasoning about our relationship to nature.

Gender dynamics of control

How we normalize the subtle onset of abuse in intimate relationships under the guise of loving.

Where are you from?

After nearly 1,500 years of English language, it is my pleasure to announce that the question “Where are you from?” has been officially cancelled. No one can use it anymore.

Easily offended

Why is everyone so easily offended these days?

Bee Facts

Lately I’ve been spending time with a beekeeper and she is teaching me amazing things about bees. The following is a list of 100% true, organic, locally sourced bee facts. 🐝

Our superpower

How magical is it that we’re often a better human to other people around us than we are to ourselves?

We are flawed

We love each other not in spite of that, but because of it.

Being confident

Do you struggle with confidence? This one weird trick might help you gain a confidence boost. But, it might not work out the way you think.

Relationships Are Hard

Relationships are hard. However, they are going to be hard for two entirely different reasons, depending on where you are in life.


I have no one to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with. However, if you would accept a long Valentine letter from me today, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on what it’s like to be alone.

The missing link in critical thinking

In the age of social media and fake news, critical thinking might be more important than ever. However, there is one important aspect of critical thinking that we often fail to consider.

Name: a shortest possible story

Let me tell you a shortest possible story about myself.

Choice and influence

On free will, or lack thereof.

Love, not have

We love a bird, so we pick her from the sky and put her in a cage. We love a fish, so we pull her out of the water and put her in a bowl. We love a human, so we grab her attention and seduce her away from others.