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Every line of code is always documented

It might not be expressed with code comments, but every line of code comes with documentation. It's just not immediately visible.

Speeding up Travis CI builds

Demonstrating a simple script that uses Amazon S3 to cache gem dependencies between Travis CI builds which greatly speeds up the build process.

SSLError and Rubyist, sitting in a tree

Helping you debug the dreaded SSLError.

Terminal control sequences

Mapping every letter of the alphabet to its function in shell prompt, process control, and Vim normal mode.

Git merge vs. rebase

How to settle on whether to merge or rebase at specific points in a team-shared git workflow.

Understanding binstubs

Taking a closer look at the role of RubyGems, Bundler and other binstubs.

Gist as a platform

Use GitHub's Gist as a platform for hosting text passages, demo HTML examples, and making browser-based presentations.

My photos used around the web

Finding amusing instances of my Creative Commons–licensed photographs being used in various articles on the web.

Your content's author

Take control of authorship information on content that you create.

I drew something

Some pictures that I've drawn to my friends on Draw Something iPad app.

Displaying line numbers

There's no reason for line numbers to be prominently displayed, neither in code snippets or your text editor.

Railsberry: a look back

Impressions after Railsberry conference in Kraków. In pictures.

Dear geek girls: Please come back

Whatever the definition of “geek” is, it shouldn’t include gender.

The controversy of "and or unless else"

In which I give you permission to use `and` and `or` keywords in Ruby, as well as the `unless ... else` construct.

Made in China

Chinese labor keeps producing our electronics at an admirable rate, although under conditions not up to standards of the modern Western world. Who, if anybody, is to blame?


In memory of Steve Jobs and how he had influenced our lives.

Dive into HTML5: In memory of Mark Pilgrim

Rescuing and distributing Mark Pilgrim's work after he is gone.

will_paginate v3.0: Rails 3, Sinatra and more

The long anticipated will_paginate 3.0 version is finally out.

Ruby verbose mode and how it's broken

The verbose mode in Ruby is both useful and distracting. It activates a mode where the interpreter is warning you about potentially dangerous syntax.

How to do click hijack right

How to avoid hijacking clicks that would open new tabs or windows.

Creating the missing Instagram web interface

How I sniffed out the private API of Instagram by monitoring iPhone HTTP traffic, wrote the first ever Instagram API client library and an accompanying web site.

You're cuking it right

Real-world lessons for writing better Cucumber stories

Grepping with Ruby

Little-known line processing capabilities of Ruby on the command-line

iPad brings new fonts to iPhone OS

Analysis of fonts available on iPad (and iPhone OS 3.2)

C is for cookie

A tiny cookie library and a great video to go along.

Branching the database along with the code

Simple Rails configuration to enable switching your database as you change branches.

How to install SQLite3

A couple of easy steps to install SQLite on Windows or Linux