My photos used around the web

I post my photos on Flickr (some mildly NSFW) under a Creative Commons license. They can be used freely as long as there is attribution. The photos below are examples of such use that—while perfectly legal—I found amusing, given the context.

Some uses of my photos were on Lifehacker, Fast Company, Business Insider. I found them because they kept proper authorship, as per license.

All links are to the original photo page instead of the article. All photos feature the lovely Ivana Vasilj.

By far my most popular and widely used photograph. I snapped it one morning in a second, while Ivana was bothered by sunlight. She wasn't pregnant.
Living on a beach in Barceloneta, we used to walk around everywhere barefoot. It's pretty liberating—if you can overcome the obvious drawback.
Shot in a friend's apartment in SoMa, I don't know why Business Insider would ever want use this photo for their article.
Another improvised shoot after I decided to drop half a carton of milk into the bathtub. Turned out great (NSFW).
She might be sexting. The scene is lit entirely by a MacBook Pro.
Sunburns are bad, OK? Trust me, I'm an expert. (In getting them.)
Does Flirt with a whale have any special meaning in German? Do we want to know what it is?
(Also: bring your smartphone to the tub the next time. Loads of fun!)
“Warning: YouPorn users might be compromised by hackers!”
My favorite.