Railsberry: a look back

I was about to write my thoughts about Railsberry in Kraków two weeks ago, but I changed my mind and decided to let their awesome photos speak to you instead.

Therefore, I present you few moments from the Railsberry conference—in pictures.

Balloons floating above grass
Grass field outside the venue for resting
Rich table of food
Magnificent catering for lunch
Vuvuzelas would stop lighning talks that were too long
The Balloon Gig
Mayhem after a game of Balloon Hero
Happy Friday Giant Railsberry Hug with Aaron Patterson
Tenderlove's Friday hug—with backup
José Valim & Josh Kalderimis
José Valim & Josh Kalderimis
Unicorn at afterparty
Atmosphere at the afterparty
Jana, Corey, Mislav, Josh & Elliott
Me (in red) and the awesome people I love